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Never run out of business cards again!


Create and start sharing your digital business card in seconds.


Completely unlimited, shareable digital business cards for you and your entire company!


Ever hand out your card and wonder who and when your contacts engaged with the info on your card?


Upgrade to discover valuable engagement insights! Easily discover who and when your contacts click on and engage with the links on your digital cards.



inCrowd Digital Business Cards:  

  • Create your digital business cards in seconds (create multiple cards for each of your endeavours)  

  • Easily share your digital business cards via QR Code, text (SMS), Email and social media.

  • Recipients can view and save your digital business card without having to install any apps.

  • inCrowd is a responsive website, so no need to install any complicated apps!


inCrowd will automatically update your information on other people’s devices when you update your details, and it will update your contact’s information when other people’s details change.


Key advantages:  

  • Quickly share your contact information  

  • Project a modern and forward thinking brand image when meeting new business leads

  • Create multiple inCrowd digital business cards for any business and personal scenerio

  • Quickly share promotions and advertisements by updating your banner image and quote text

  • Great for networking events, meetups, expos and conventions  

  • Always have your digital business card with you- and never run out  

  • Your card can be viewed on smart phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, desktops and ereaders  

  • Environmentally friendly - “No wasted paper”!  

  • Auto-Updates - Quickly update employee information. And let your employees update their personal information without having to reprint expensive business cards  

  • Access your contacts and updates from any device  

  • Add personal notes to your business card  

  • Easily add attachments to your digital business cards and save time and money  

  • Import vCard files  

  • All of your valuable contact information is backed up and saved to the cloud



  • Designed and built with your privacy as our top priority  

  • inCrowd does not display contact directories, so you have the confidence in knowing that only the people you choose to share your digital card with, have your information  

  • No ad policy - inCrowd does not sell advertising on the platform  

  • inCrowd does not sell your details to anyone


inCrowd for Enterprise - inCrowd provides premium services for all organizations  

  • Custom, centrally managed corporate template  

  • Automatically updated and downloadable master contacts lists  

  • Easily tract employees contact and engagement history  

  • Quickly update employees contact information and job title status  

  • Quickly add and remove employee accounts as your company evolves  

  • Streamline branding and promotional marketing efforts


Interested in inCrowd for enterprise?

Simply click here to upgrade today!



inCrowd is the fastest and easiest way to create and share your contact information, whether you are a solo-perneur, or a major corporation, wanting to maintain consistent branding and communication with your valuable connections and clients. Never let you or your team get caught saying “I don’t have a business card”.


So, the next time you need to reach for your business card, you are now part of the inCrowd!



The inCrowd team

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